What I did Wednesday’s 1st-7th November

I think I will start a weekly series on my blog to keep my family and friends back in the UK up to date with what I’m doing now I’m in New Zealand! I’ve already tried to vlog but I’ve recored a few bits and bobs here and there and never went through uploading the videos, so I thought for now this is probably the best way to document my travels and adventures in New Zealand!

I spent from the 30th-1st November on 3 different planes, at 4 different airports and a total of 24 hours and 30 minutes in the air.. needless to say I was feeling very tired and grotty when I landed in Auckland!!

I know some of my friends reading this couldn’t think of anything worse than sat down for 24 hours+ on an aeroplane, but I have flown to Australia before and haven’t ever had a problem with long haul flights, my advice would be too book night flights leaving the UK, that way you get fed on the plane.. honestly the food really isn’t that bad.. and then you just put a movie on through the inflight entertainment system and before you know if you are asleep! As long as you have enough forms of entertainment you will be fine.. I normally make a list of all of the movies I’d like to watch (you can download a the program before your flight) and have a couple of back up plans; download tv shows on Sky Go, download movies on Netflix, read books etc!).. I still have movies to watch and books left to read and I flew for 24+ hours so come on!! what I did wednesday

I flew with Emirates and was more than pleased with the service I got, considering I booked my flights within weeks of leaving, the price was very good, the food was tasty and the seats where comfy.. you can’t ask for much else!! Just be careful when you book long haul flights because some flights don’t always have chargers and I couldn’t think of anything worse than not having a phone for more than 5 minutes;)..I exaggerate, I’m not that obsessed with it..

Jet lag has been a killer for me this week! The day after I landed I slept from 6pm-8am.. I must of needed it!! I then woke up on Thursday and headed to work. I am not even joking, I did not know how hilly Auckland was, I almost died on the way to work due to physical exhaustion!! I won’t bore with too many details with work but I thought I should let you all know that I have settled in with work so well, everyone that I would with is so lovely and the job suits me down to the ground..plus I get free coffee and cuddles with one of the girls pugs.. I can’t complain too much.. 

Yes that really is one of the hills I have to tackle every morning, it actually doesn’t look that bad in the photo.. but I do get greeted by the wonderful view of the city at the top of the hill!

what I did Wednesday

I only live a 20 minute walk from the beach so I have spent pretty much every evening on the beach watching the sunset! On Friday the lady that I live with took me down to the beach so I knew where I was going.. unfortunately we went on a day when the sea was really rough, so our pathway back home got flooded and I nearly got stuck in quick sand, great way to introduce me to the local beach!! The walk from Cambells Bay to Murrays Bay is lovely and like I mentioned, I go pretty much every day!

what I did wednesday

On Saturday 4th, the family I live with and I decided to go to Long Bay for barbecue.. even though I might be on the other side of the world I still have the English weather curse; it started raining as soon as we started cook so we headed back home and finished off the barbecue and sat outside to eat lunch..!

what I did Wednesday

On Sunday I met up with someone from (Tinder) .. don’t tell mum.. hahah.. he is actually from the UK and has been out here for 11 months already so he has already done a little bit of exploring.. he suggested visiting the waterfalls and the black sand beach at Waiatarua, the waterfalls were beautiful, I think there are a few dotted around in the parkland and there are also several hikes you can do to explore more of the regional park, but it was a warm day and it was a bit of a walk to the beach, so we decided to spend the day chilling on the beach, drinking beer and getting to know each other.. I had a good time, and yes I have met him again.. 😉

what I did wednesday

Monday 6th was the first day at work, which went really well! After work I thought I would have run down to the beach and have a quick training session before dinner. I actually ended up staying at the beach a lot longer than I thought because the later it got the prettier the sunset got. One of my favourite things about the beaches here are, no matter what time of day you go, you can always find a place where you can’t see anybody for miles, which I actually love!

what I did wednesday

Tuesday 7th November, I didn’t do a great deal on because I wanted a chilled evening in after a busy few days!

I’m going to try and get out every weekend to see as much as I can and I want you to follow me on my adventures! Some posts might be longer than others.. any excuse to drink a cup of tea and have a biscuit right?..




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