What I did Wednesday – 8th November- 14th.

What a crazy week it’s been!! I feel like this week has flown by even though I haven’t done a huge amount.

On Wednesday I finished work and headed to the beach.. no change there then! It still feels so strange to be sat on a beach in the middle of November, and I don’t think Christmas is going to really feel like Christmas this year. Apparently the weather forecast for England is snow on over the Christmas holidays and if you guys get a white Christmas I will be very jealous!! But hey I’ll be sat on the beach so I can’t complain too much.. Anyway, after I got back in from the beach the family that I live with, I‘ll just call them my NZ family from now on, had received some Korean desserts as one of their friends had a baby, which they shared with me.. it was interesting to say the least and not something that I would try again!

I also did a weekly shop this week and thought I would share with you how expensive it is to live here! I think I might do a post about what I buy normally and compare it to UK prices, because as you can see its $4.99 for apples which is roughly £3.50 for apples..(it says $4.99 per apple but that can’t be right!).. expensive right?! I also treated myself to some digestive biscuits because they are were my guilty pleasure back home, however they were expensive too and you get hardly anything in the box!.. don’t get me even started about multi bags of crisps out here!

Odds and Sods

After telling my NZ family that I liked Chinese dumplings from the Chinese takeaway in the UK they decided that they wanted to show me the traditional way of making proper Chinese dumplings, apparently in China it’s tradition for them to make them as a family, so they set up like a production conveyor belt in the kitchen! Despite what everyone says about Chinese takeaways in the UK not being ‘proper’ Chinese food, they were actually surprisingly similar! Very yummy too!

On Saturday my NZ family invited me to visit Auckland City with them and One Tree Hill, unfortunately the weather was pretty miserable all day but I still managed to sit and watch a bit of cricket in Cornwall Park in the afternoon once the weather had brightened up. The walk up to One Tree Hill wasn’t too difficult, you can either walk along the road, or take a little adventure through fields and small paths to the top of the hill, where you can get 360 views of the surrounding area as well as the city, although I’ve heard that the views from Mt Eden are better in terms of viewing the city. We only walked around the Harbour when we went into the city because the weather was pretty rubbish, but I really enjoyed walking and looking at the different types of boats that were for sale.

Auckland City and one tree hill

On Tuesday after work this week, I was feeling pretty crappy in terms of my mood, so instead of being lazy and chilling in bed with my dressing gown, I decided to get out of the house and walk to Milford and explore Lake Pupuke. It took me about 35ish minutes to walk down to the lake from my house. My google maps took me a bit of strange away to the lake; I ended up in a little ‘garden’ at the bottom of some really nice houses, however this was a really lovely place to sit down on the memorial bench for a 17 year old boy called ‘Juke’ and watch the world go by. The bench had a saying ‘Have fun today, no-one promised you tomorrow’ and this really got me thinking, I’ve been given this opportunity to travel and explore and I need to put a foot forward and start enjoy and embracing the experiences and opportunities that surround me because it all change tomorrow. Instead of walking the same way home, I decided to walk up the coast and watch the sunset. It was beautiful!

Milford Walks

What did you get up to this week? Are you feeling festive yet? I don’t think I’ve ever felt more unchristmassy in my life, I think it’s because of the weather.





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