My Travel Bucket List!

I’ve been so lucky growing up because I’ve have travelled abroad every year since I was 2, however there are still so many places and countries that I haven’t visited yet and I would love to go to now I am getting to the age where I can just hop on a plane and visit without my parents. So, I have decided to create my Travel Bucket list hoping that I will be able to cross these off in my lifetime!

Northern Lights:

Ever since I watched Joanna Lumley’s BBC documantry about the Northern Lights back in 2008 I have wanted to go which is why this is first on my Travel Bucket list. Apparently the best places to see the Northern Lights are in Norway so I would love to go between November and February because thats when they are most likely to be seen.

Travel Bucket List


The Maldives is a place that I have always dreamed about visiting, as much as I love adventure holidays and exploring new places, having a holiday surrounded by white beaches and clear seas would be paradise. If I could I would love to spend my honeymoon here.. we can all dream! 

Travel Bucket List


India has always intrigued me because I’ve always learnt about poorer parts of India in school and I’ve never really looked into the richer areas like Mumbai. I’ve always been an explorer too so I’d really like to visit the Taj Mahal whilst I was there.

Travel Bucket List


As a family we have always said that we would visit America but we have never got round to it; it’s always been a toss up between Australia or America and Australia has always won so I’d like to visit America sometime. In particular I’d love to visit Vegas, New York and Hollywood.

Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket list


One of my friends went to Iceland a couple of years ago and I remember looking through her photos thinking wow, what a beautiful place, which is why Iceland is on my travel bucket list. Me and my Grandad were looking into going for a long weekend last year but we haven’t got round to it yet, so hopefully when I have saved up some pennies I can go with him!

Travel bucket List


I know that I am a adult and Lapland is stereotypically only meant for ‘children’ but my boss went this year and had more fun than her kids so I am 100% looking to go!! Maybe I’ll wait a few years until I have children of my own so that I have an excuse to go, but I’d love to sit in a hot tub in the snow and go on a husky sledge ride. My ultimate dream would to wake up on Christmas Day in Finland because your pretty much guaranteed to have a white Christmas, which is something that I have dreamed off every since I was little.

Travel Bucket List


My parents went on a Caribbean cruise about 10 years ago ( without me:( ) which is something I would love to do now that I am a bit older, and after seeing the pictures I am already in love with the islands and I haven’t even been! I think it’s the best way to visit the Caribbean would be on a cruise because you get to see so  many different islands at once without making several trips to same area. My boyfriends family originate from Grenada so it would be nice to go over there with him too because I know that he hasn’t been since he was little.

Travel Bucket list Travel Bucket list

My Retirement dream:

If I could retire in anyway possible it would be constant around the world cruises. I would sell my house, and any money that I got out of it, I would buy a small mobile home or bungalow for the months that I wasn’t cruising, and with the rest of the money I would buy around the world cruise tickets which are around £11,000- £14,000 pp for a 122 night cruise. It would be great way to spend my last years exploring the world and visiting places which I have yet to see, which is why this is travel bucket dream.

My Travel Bucket list

Have you got a travel bucket list? If you have, leave it in the comments below! I’d love to see if I can add anymore places to mine!


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4 comments on “My Travel Bucket List!”

  1. Lyndy says:

    Stay committed to your dreams and they will become reality. Lx

  2. Gabija says:

    I’d love to go to America too, New York in particular- seems like such a beautiful place!

    Gabija |

  3. I literally want to visit all of these places too. They all sound wonderful don’t they? ✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

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