Travel Guide: Annecy, France

I’m sure alot of you guys will know from Instagram, that this year I went to Annecy in France for my summer holiday. This year I have decided to write a travel guide for all of the places I visited in and around Annecy, so If you enjoy these types of posts there will be quiet a few coming up in the next few weeks!

The old town part of Annecy is beautiful, it’s full of bridges and cute little cafe’s and restaurants and a church. There are several cycle paths in Annecy and around the Lake so I would recommend this area of France if you love cycling and spending most of your time outdoors. During the high season, we found that the roads were very busy when driving in and out of Annecy so we took take this in to consideration when planning days out. We found Annecy and the surrounding areas very expensive to eat out, so we took picnics every time we went out which is perfect for around here because there’s so much space by the lakes where you can just sit down and eat.

Annecy Old Town

Anncey Anncey Anncey Anncey Anncey Anncey

Col De La Forclaz (Moutmin)

This is the best place to go if your the adventurous type and want to try out Paragliding or hand-gliding. From €99 you can go Paragliding with breathtaking views of Lac d’Annecy. The walk up to the top of the mountain isn’t too advance I would just recommend that you wear appropriate footwear e.g trainers or walking boots. We didn’t go Paragliding but we all thought the walk up the mountain was well worth it because you can get some amazing views of the lake. There are a couple of restaurants/cafes around here that are expensive.

Anncey Anncey Anncey

Lac d’Annecy

This is probably one of my favourite things about Annecy and this area. You can drive to any part of the lake, park your car and just have lunch surrounded with breath taking views. The lake is Clear water but has a pebbled floor for about 10 meters out before it turns to sand.


Municipal Beach (Talloires)

This was the only ‘beach’ that we visited around Lac d’Annecy. You have to pay to go to beach, it is €2.30 for an adult and €1.20 for a child but that lasts all day and is cheaper after 5:30pm. This would be a perfect place to go to if you are a fan of jumping into water and are a strong confident swimmer. I’m not really a beach person myself so didn’t personally enjoy this, it’s a shelved beach so it has a massive dip where it just goes really deep. I’m 5ft6 and could only just stand up in the ‘shallow end’. However even in high season there was plenty of space to sit on the grass or mess around with a ball.



Montagne du Semnoz 

About 40 minute drive from Annecy, you can get spectacular 360 degrees of Mount Blanc, Lac d’Annecy and the surrounding areas. This is something if you have to do if you come here, it’s beautiful. Pictures do not give the view justice. There is a bar restaurant that we had ice creams from, they were expensive but who can say they have had an ice cream with this view! There is also a lady who sells her own goats cheese here.

Montague du Semnoz Montague du Semnoz

Montague du Semnoz Montague du Semnoz Montague du Semnoz Montague du Semnoz


We are a very ‘outdoorsy’ family so we knew that we would hardly be at a hotel so would be silly to spend money on this when we could go cheaper, so we stayed on a campsite with Eurocamp in a moblie home. We stayed in Doussard which is only a short drive away from Annecy and the surrounding area. I have to say we were very impressed with Karl, the Eurocamp rep who was very knowledgeable and very helpful. We have never had a problem with our Eurocamp holidays so would recommend these sort of holidays for cheaper accommodation. La ferme de suarez is a small site but has everything you need on it; pool, shop, play park and a restaurant which was very good value for money! Plus nothing beats waking up to this view every morning!

La Ferme de la Serraz Campsite

I hope you enjoyed this type of post! I will be uploading ones like these for next few Saturdays so make sure you read them too! Annecy is a lovely place to visit and I would recommend it to pretty much everyone!

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