My Favourite Summer Smoothies

Summer Smoothies

One of my favourite things to drink throughout the summer season is smoothies because they are so refreshing and also ...

Mont Blanc and Chamonix

Mont Blanc

This is the prettiest place I have ever been to in France. If you go anywhere near the Alps I urge you to visit Mont ...

Essential Summer Shoes for 2016

Summer shoes

This week I have decided to create my summer essentials blog posts. Today I am going to show you my go to essential ...

Summer Makeup Essentials

Summer MAke up esssentils

Today I have decided to write my Summer Makeup Essentials because there are so many products that I have been loving ...

Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer skincare essentia

Even though skincare is so important throughout out the year, I have decided to write my summer skincare essentials ...

Summer Hair Care Essentials!

Summer hair care Essentials

I have put together all of my hair care essentials for the summer to share with you so you can have 'perfect' summer ...

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