5 make up products I couldn’t live without..

Makeup products

I had a shower thought last night, if I was on a desert island and could only take 5 makeup products with me, what ...

Shadow Switch Review

Shadow Switch

Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner by Beauty Essentials and has become part of my daily make up routine for the past ...

Autumn Nail Polishes

Autumn Nails

Autumn is one of the prettiest seasons for me because of the gorgeous colours of the leaves. When it comes down to nail ...

Summer Makeup Essentials

Summer MAke up esssentils

Today I have decided to write my Summer Makeup Essentials because there are so many products that I have been loving ...

Everyday Spring Make up

spring make up routine .jpg cover pic

Spring is one of my favourite time of the year, especially when it comes down to make up, as you can get away with ...

Top 3 Revolution Eyeshadow Palette- Swatches

Make up revolution plattets

I love love love Revolution eyeshadow palettes because they are all very pigmented and you get some gorgeous matte and ...

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