Mavala Nail Polish Review – 396 Velvet.

Seeing as pink is very hot this season I thought I would stock up on pink and nude nail varnish colours ready for spring and summer. I am always on the hunt for new nail varnish brands so I thought I would try out the Mavala Nail Polish in the shade 396- Velvet.

Mavala Nail Polish

I thought that the nail varnish applied very smoothly and dried relatively quickly, however I was disappointed in was the pigmentation of this product, I had to apply 5 layers to completely cover over my white tips, seeing as the Mavala Nail Polish bottle is very small compared to other brands.

Mavala has created Mavala MINI Nail Polish to prevent you loosing half of a bottle of nail polish due to it going thick and gloppy. The idea is that you use the all whole bottle up before it has a chance to get to this stage, which I think is a really good idea, because whenever I go to paint my nails, I always find at least one bottle which I need to chuck because it’s turned into a gloopy mess and I end up loosing half a bottle of nail polish.

Mavala Nail Polish

I love this colour, it’s a very dark pinky nude which is perfect for this time of year. I had added a gel shine top coat to give it a shiny and long lasting finish. However after 1 day it had already started to chip. Normally I would accept that nail varnish chips but small bottle from Mavala is nearly £5 so I would of thought that it last a big longer. I have decided to take a photo of what my nails looks like after a week of wearing this nail polish:

Mavala Nail Polish

I wouldn’t normally let my nails get this bad but I wanted to see how badly they would get after a week. Normally I would just ‘fill in’ the gaps where their are chips but because you have to apply 5-6 coats I didn’t see the point. I am a little disappointed with the price and how long they last considering I applied a base and top coat.

If you want to try these nail polishes out or view the whole collection (They have the prettiest colours out for this time of year) you can here.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item in mention in return for an honest review.

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  1. That’s disappointing. Have you tried Essie mauves? Same shade, it’s long lasting and you’ll get the pigment you desire in 3 coats.

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