Love bomb Cushions Valentine’s Day Present Review.

Sorry I’ve been a bit distant from the blog recently, I’ve had a mantic few weeks, which I’m sure I will share with you soon, but I’m back now! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it would be a good idea to share different Valentine’s Day style posts with you over the next few days, wether you love it or loathe it there will be something for everyone. Firstly, I’ll start with the lovers of valentines Day; Present ideas!

Over the last few months I have seen various emoji type Cushions around in shopping centre’s and supermarkets- I thought they would be a fun gift to give someone as at any time of year. Love bomb Cushions offer fun emoji cushions, key chains, self buddies and many more fun products.

This year they are promoting their ‘Valentine’s Day’ style emoji products, which I thought would be a great fun gift to give at this time of year. After a long hard decision from the selection of gifts that were on offer I chose the Heart Eyes Emoji Cushion.

Valentine's Day

I thought this would be a good gift for anyone at valentines; I know many families that give presents to parents or siblings for valentines, which is why I thought this would be a great gift for all of the family at this time of year.

The Cushion itself is really easy to ‘inflate’, the cushion arrives in a vacuum pack in which you cut along the bottom so you can access the cushion. You then plump up the cushion by pulling, patting and rolling. The only downside to this is there is no way of removing the cushion cover so you have to hand wash and dry clean this product.

The quality of the cushion is surprisingly good; a lot of other branded emoji type cushions do not have much padding in, whereas this one has up to 50% more filling. The pillow is suitable for anyone as young as 3 years old, making it a great gift for Christmas or Birthdays.

This cushion is £9.99; you can see the complete range of cushions here.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item in mention in return for an honest review. 


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