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Today I’m waking up with a bit of a sore head and regretting last night but I am thankful to be waking up with pain free feet thanks to my new hotter shoes… Even if I was dancing the night away!

Hotter opened a store in Banbury in 2014, and I was invited along there last week to have a look around at their new Autumn/Winter collection and find myself some comfy and fashionable shoes. Bearing in mind I am turning 18 today and I wanted something that I could dress up for nights out or dress down for shopping trips.


This is the first time I have ever been into a Hotter store, mainly because I’d have to admit I thought they were just for the ‘older generation’ but even I was surprised at how many shoes I loved and I was stuck for choice. In the store there is a lovely spacious living space with proper seats to try on your shoes so you are not left scrambling for stools like you do in many other shoe shops.

I was kindly greeted by the staff, which had a great deal of knowledge of the ranges and was very happy to help fit the shoes and offer advice.  Being a size 5.5-6 is a real pain for me when it comes to buying shoes because I will find the shoes that I love and they are either out of stock or not available in half sizes, so I am very happy to tell you that every hotter shoe comes in half sizes!!

I really was stuck for choice when picking out which shoes I liked, From Chelsea boots to trainers and high heels, they offer a great selection of shoes in all different styles and colours, my particular favourite colours are Plum, Tan and Truffle, perfect for all occasions.

Hotter AW

If I didn’t have my 18th in mind I would of 100% gone for a pair of trainers to wear around college as they pretty much go with any outfit and are really comfortable too. I loved the ‘Dart’ Trainers in the shade Navy; they have memorising insoles making them perfect for everyday use.

I am huge lover of boots so when I turned to the boots section in Hotter I feel in love with about 5 different pairs, it was a very long and hard process but I finally manged to get the choice down to two types of boots; Samia and Vanity.


The Samia ankle boots are very classy and stylish as well as being so comfy! These would be more of an everyday thing for me so I decided not to choose these but I can already see myself going to buy these very soon! The Vanity boots ticked all of the boxes for me and I was drawn to the zip detailing on the side, it really gives the shoe a classy touch.


They are available in Teal, Plum and Black, I really wish I was more adventurous with my shoe choice and went for them in Plum but I stuck to Black as it will go with anything. As I am a size 5.5-6 I tried these shoes in both sizes and the assistant was more than happy to meet my request. I settled for them in a size 5.5 because they fitted my foot like a glove and they feel like slippers. (What more could you want?!) I have found exactly what I wanted in the Vanity Shoes for £89. With the seasons changing from summer to autumn you never really know what to expect with the weather so I have also picked up the Suede protector for £5. They are fitted with Pyramid Technology in the insole making them a dream to wear, even if you’re dancing or walking around for hours, your feet will not complain!


I really like how Hotter can cater for everyone’s needs and not just for one particular age group; my mum also picked up a pair of boots, which I will have to admit wouldn’t be my choice of shoes, but everyone’s style differs and it’s nice to find a store where everyone can choose something that they like. She primarily brought these boots to go dog walking in during the winter because there is nothing worse than having cold feet, but now she wears them whenever she can!


Just like all of the hotter shoes they feel like you are wearing slippers and fit most people’s type of feet. ‘I have wide feet so I was very happy when I found out that Hotter did shoes in wider fits. I picked these boots because they were fur lined and felt like I was wearing slippers, they are great for walking the dog and on a day to day bases. I would never normally go for shoes other than Black so I decided to take the plunge and go for more of an adventurous colour and I must say I really like them!’

You can use my code ‘PQBTPD’ for £10 off and free delivery of any Hotter Shoes.  Expires 29/01/2017.

Disclaimer: I was given the shoes in mention in return for an honest review.

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