EasySMX Earphones Review + 15% off.

I don’t know about you but I love listening to music whether I’m at the gym, going for a run or sitting at home, I’ve always got some kind of background music playing. Earphones are an essential piece of equipment for me to have on me, I hardly ever leave the house without a pair, so when I discovered EasySMX earphones I really wanted to try them.

EasySMX earphones

They come with a hard case box; this is really good because it stops your earphones from getting tangled or you loosing them (which happens a lot). They also come with multiple eartips to fit different ear types; I usually find that earphones with the inner ear section like these don’t fit me so I don’t like wearing them but I don’t get this with these. The sound that is produced is really clear good quality. The design of these earphones is really good, I like the silver metal parts; it makes them appear more expensive then they actually are, I also really like the isn’t smooth because it makes it easier when in the gym as they don’t sway about too much when running on the treadmill.

You can pick up these from Amazon for £10.99, you can save 15% using this code: GIOCHI15 at the checkout.

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