My Go to high Street Contour Palettes review

Contouring has recently become a massive trend in the beauty world; I don’t think I can go on Instagram and not find a picture or a video for a ‘how to contour’ tutorial. So I thought I would share with you my top 2 most used and loved contour palettes that you can pick up in most high street beauty stores.

Makeup Revoultion Ultra Contour Palette

Contour Palettes

For £8.00 I think this palette is really good value for money; in this palette you get contour shades which blend well, I have this in the shade medium and it doesn’t take me too long to blend out the darkest colour and I have fair skin. You also get blusher shades; I don’t tend to use these as I am more of a bronze person rather then a peachy shade lover but I use them from time to time and I love them. The two shades on the end are highlighters which is why I love this palette so much as you have everything you need in one. I find makeup revolution highlighters really pigmented and last along time too. The only downside to this palette is it’s size; I can be awkward to transport it around in a makeup bag.

Sleek Face Contour Kit

Top go to contour palettes

For £7, this contour palette is good value for money and really easy to transport round which is one of the reasons why I brought it; so I didn’t have to squeeze the Makeup Revolution palette into my makeup bag. I have this in the shade medium. The contour shade is quite dark, so I would bare this in mind if you were thinking of buying this palette, if not you could end up like me and blend for a while! The palette also has an illuminating highlighter, I don’t normally go for this shade highlighter normally but it really compliments the shade of the contour, the only thing I will say is that it isn’t very pigmented and doesn’t last a long time.

What are your top 2 contour palettes?

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