Letter to my Future Self (2017-2027)

I brought the Burn After Writing Book last year and I have been loving filling it out over the past couple of months. I’m obsessed with little books that you fill in! One page in this book is left blank for you to write a letter to your future self, I loved writing this letter out which is why I have decided to make a blog post about it. I am going to post this letter now and then again in 10 years time (2027) for me to look back on and see how much my life changed and see if things have planned out.

Dear Self, 

I suppose it’s time for you to read this after 10 years, Strange to think I’m only 18 and your 28! Congrats on making this far. I hope your doing something that you love, if not please do something about it. I wonder if your still blogging? It would be the 10 year anniversary this year.

Are you married? Do you have kids? I wonder if you are still with Reece? 

I’m not sure if you remember writing this post or what you even did in 2017 but I thought I would remind you, so let me tell you about your 18 year old self. I am still at college, I am going to start driving on Friday..Scary! I still work at Limes Farm and I try to blog everyday. We have left the EU fairly recently, I wonder how that is working out! 

I wonder what is around now, the biggest technology craze at the minute is the iPhone 7. Hopefully you have passed your driving test and can afford to comfortably run a car. I really hope you took time out to go travelling, you have always wanted too. 

I best leave you too it now, remember to love yourself and do whatever makes you happen. 

Hope everyone is doing ok

Yours truly,



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