Breakfast is bad for your health


Breakfast is bad for your health was the title of a newspaper article that was written by a research professor at a university. Quotes from the article included ‘feeding your child breakfast is child abuse’ ‘breakfast people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes’ It got me thinking why have we been led to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day if now experts are saying that eating breakfast can have serious health risks? Over the past couple of weeks, I have investigated the truth about breakfast!

I was shocked to find out that research newspapers that are well known were sponsored by cereal brands to collect a biased data to prove that you are better off to eat breakfast and that skipping breakfast is ‘dangerous’ as it increased their sales!

Breakfast is bad

So, what are we meant to believe?

How many times have you heard or read something about how bad skipping breakfast is on your health?  I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count the amount of times I have read ‘skipping breakfast causes obesity’ ‘skipping breakfast causes weight gain’ ‘skipping breakfast leads to high cholesterol’ but how can you put on weight if you aren’t consuming any calories? Now think about how many times have you heard/read something about how eating breakfast is bad for you? This time around you will probably find that you do have enough fingers on one hand to count!

Is skipping breakfast really that bad?

The saying ‘skipping breakfast increase weight gain’ is a myth, yes skipping breakfast may encourage you to eat more throughout the day at either lunch or dinner, but it’s never normally the same or more than the amount of calorie intake at breakfast so you end up eating less calories if you skip breakfast compared to someone who eats breakfast.

Professor Kealey wrote the article after he managed to overcome diabetes type 2 by not eating breakfast and now believes that breakfast is a dangerous meal as it increases glucose (sugar) levels in the blood when they are already high. Professor Kealey has also stated that there is no correlation about eating breakfast and brain function.

Studies show that you feed your children half of their recommended daily allowance of sugar intake before they leave for school as children can consume more than 11g of sugar just at breakfast. That’s three teaspoons by the way!

Professor Kealey feels that forcing children to eat breakfast when they aren’t hungry is child abuse. When he was asked what he would do about giving a child breakfast, he said’ I would let the kids decide for themselves if they want breakfast. Lots of kids don’t want to eat breakfast. ‘If you’re worried, give them an apple or something, but the idea that you should force them to eat breakfast is a form of child abuse.’

Do you think breakfast is bad?

Eating breakfast just boils down to whether you are hungry or not first thing in the morning and no one should stress if they miss breakfast due to a busy schedule! Personally, I am going to continue to eat breakfast everyday as I feel like I wouldn’t function without breakfast in the morning!! What are you going to do?

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