Behind The Scenes of my Fashion Photos using backdrops!

Ever wondered how you can take amazing pictures without any tourists and perfect blue sky every time you go on holiday? I might just have the answer! Ibackdrop offer a variety of different backdrops which are perfect for any bloggers Instagram or blog posts, some of my favourite ones are their pattered backdrops collection. I partially like the ones which include a table or desk backdrop as I think these would be perfect for food bloggers.

As I mainly focus on Lifestyle topics I went for this backdrop because I thought it would be perfect for taking Instagram fashion posts as well as fashion blog post pictures. I guess you could say it’s a way of cheating because you would never be able to tell if they are fake backdrops and you aren;t actually visiting a city/country, but hey, you will have smashing pictures!!

This is what happens behind the scenes with my Instagram posts!


I am not a professional full time blogger so I don’t have the income to buy a proper stand for this backdrop, which is why I have make shift one against my fence, with pegs and bricks.. very glamorous!! You can use this backdrop inside too, however I haven’t been able to convince my parents to pin it to the wall yet!!


I went for the 8’W*8’H(2.5*x2.5*) size backdrop which works perfectly for me, I am 5ft6 and I have been able to get pictures where both my shoes and top of my head is in the picture, however with this particular backdrop, you can you seem really quiet tall next to the door so you can look a little out of proportion as it’s small. The backdrop is $79.9/£60.50 including shipping, which I think is good value because you can use this over and over again for a multiple different types of pictures/seasons. I really like how this is made out of fabric and not canvas or paper because I think it gives it extra definition as well as being really good quality and you have no worries about anything ripping when wearing shoes etc!

I have used this backdrop to take photos for a new blog post which is coming soon and I really enjoyed using the background to create the photos that I wanted. Natural lighting in the best thing ever when taking pictures, which is why I really wanted this backdrop because it was big effort to fit my whole body and one it is one that I can use outside.


Being able to use backdrops in the comfort of my own house/garden is so handy for me because my dad, who is the ‘photographer’ of the family is away working during the week so I have no-one to take photos for me in the street or against the house so this is perfect as I just need to set up a tripod and a set the camera on a timer and I’m away.

Like I mentioned earlier in this blog post, Ibackdrop offer a huge range of backdrops, including themed, festival and patterned backdrops. I have include a couple of photos below of a couple of my other favourite backdrops which I would love to try out soon!



You can find you own Backdrops on the Ibackdrop website. I would defiantly encourage you to have a look because they could help you with anything, wether you are taking photos for Instagram, having a baby shower, or would like a personalised Photo Booth backdrop for a party or a school prom.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item in mention in return for an honest review, all opinions remain my own. 

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4 comments on “Behind The Scenes of my Fashion Photos using backdrops!”

  1. This is such an awesome idea! I love that you can be anywhere in the world yet not leave your own home in pictures. Great post babe! ✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |
    AlishaValerie. (@AlishaValerie) recently posted…Summer Afternoon Tea | DIYMy Profile

  2. Gabija says:

    I’d never even thought about buying a background before seeing this post- such a good idea, especially in areas like mine that don’t particularly have Instagram worthy backdrops naturally haha!

    Gabija |

  3. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This is such a cool idea for a backdrop and it looks so so good for photos! I would have picked this background too it’s stunning x

    Kayleigh Zara

  4. That’s so neat! I haven’t seen these before!
    Natalie Benton recently posted…Nat’s Summer Wish ListMy Profile

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