How to make Fright Night Treats with the Co op

To celebrate fright night this year I have teamed up with Co op to show you how to make simple spooky treats perfect for all of the family to share. All of Co op’s fright night recipes can be found in their October food magazines, there are several recipes in the book so I have picked out four of my favourite.

Benjamin bones brownie tray bake.

Benjamin Bones coop fright night

This is so easy and simple yet so effective that will for sure go down a treat for fright night. I have used the brownie mix fro coop that is gluten and milk free as I then i have a range of treats that caters for everyone needs.

For this you need

  • Co-op pumpkin lollipop
  • Co-op mallow bones
  • Co-op chocolate spread
  • Co-op brownie mix

How to make Benjamin bones

  1. Bake a tray of brownies
  2. Place the Co op pumpkin lollipop at one end of the tray bake and arrange the marshmallows on top to make a skeleton.
  3. Fix in place with the chocolate spread.
  4. Cut the ‘hands’ into strips to make fingers.

Spooky toothy s’mores

spooky teethy smores coop fright night

These only take about 10 minutes to make, so are perfect for a late minute snack or baking time with the younger ones.

For this you need

  • 2x200g Cookies
  • 5 tbsp Co-op Jam
  • 70g mini white and pink marshmallows
  • 5 pieces of black liquorice

How to make Spooky toothy s’mores

  1. Heat the grill to it;s highest setting
  2. Lay 5 chocolate cookies out on a baking tray and spread with 3 tbsp of jam. Top with mini marshmallows, slotting liquourice in between.
  3. Place the cookies under the grill for 15-20 seconds, or until the marshmallows turn a golden brown.
  4. Spread another 5 cookies with the rest of the jam and place them on top of the marshmallows.

Spooky Jelly Bowls

Spooly Jelly Bowls coop fright night

To make these you need a little more time compared to the other bakes as you have to wait for two different types of jelly to set.

For this you will need

  • Two different flavours of jelly
  • Squirty cream

How to make Spooky Jelly Bowls

  1. Make up two different colours of jelly
  2. Fill some glasses up with half of one colour, when set top the glass up with another colour. Leave set
  3. Once set add some squirty cream along with any other decorations you wish.

Zombie egg heads

Zombie egg heads coop fright night

These are certainly for people that are into creepy foods!

For this you will need:

  • 6 free range eggs
  • Permanent marker
  • Brown bread
  • Red food dye

How to make Zombie egg heads

  1. Draw scary faces on 6 free range eggs with a permanent marker, then soft boil.
  2. Serve with dagger shaped toasted brown bread and red food dye stirred into the yoke.

All of these products can be brought from co op. They are perfect to make with all of the family ready for fright night!

Disclaimer: I received the items in mention to enable me to write the post. 


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