My Favourite Summer Smoothies

One of my favourite things to drink throughout the summer season is smoothies because they are so refreshing and also very yummy! I like to make my own rather than buy them from a supermarket or from somewhere like Costa, however the Mango and Passionfruit cooler is my favourite. I thought I would share with you two of my recipes for my Summer Smoothies for you to try this summer!

Summer Smoothie

To make these smoothies I would recommend using a smoothie maker, I use the Kenwood SB054 and. I find it really good for making all types of smoothies, it also includes a travel mug so you can take your smoothie out with you on the go which is why I brought it.

Pineapple, Orange and Berry Summer Smoothies:

Makes 500ml.

Summer Smoothie

For this smoothie you will need:

  • 6 Frozen Pineapple Chunks
  • Handful of Mixed Frozen Berries
  • 3 small oranges
  • Ice/Orange juice to add (optional)

Summer Smoothie

Put all of the fruit into the smoothie machine and blend it all together until it forms a liquid. If it is too runny you can add either 2 ice cubes or orange juice until you like the constancy.

Summer Smoothie

For these smoothies I used Tesco frozen which you can pick up cheaply, most food stores will sell frozen fruit ready for smoothies.

Mango, Peach and Pineapple Summer Smoothies:

Makes 350ml.   Summer Smoothies

For this smoothie you will need:

  • 4 frozen pineapple cubes
  • 10 frozen mango cubes
  • 3 peaches- for this one I used Saturn Peach- Flat Peaches
  • 2 oranges for juicing
  • Juice from 1/4 of a lemon
  • 1 ice cube

Put all of the fruit into the smoothie machine and blend it all together until it forms a liquid.Even though I added in all of that liquid the smoothie was still very thick so I would recommend that you add in more liquid if your not too keen on thick smoothies.

Summer Smoothies

I got these cool glasses from Home Bargains, I thought they looked pretty cool and would be perfect for smoothies or cocktails during the summer!

Do you like drinking smoothies during the summer? Please share your recipes in the comments!

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3 comments on “My Favourite Summer Smoothies”

  1. Hannah says:

    I love drinking smoothies in the summer, and these ones sound great! Those glasses are so cool too!xx

  2. Oh my gosh these sound so wonderful! I could have both of these right now, haha. Perfect for the sunny summer days! Thank you for sharing beautiful ✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |
    AlishaValerie. (@AlishaValerie) recently posted…Help Me Organics | ReviewMy Profile

  3. Cheryl says:

    Love those glass jars!!

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