My Spring/Summer Essential Pair of Shoes from Hotter!

With the seasons in the UK changing from Autumn to Spring/Summer I thought it was a great excuse to buy some more shoes. For those of you who are regular readers will know how much I love wearing Hotter shoes;ever since I attended a Hotter blogger event back in September 2016 and I brought the vanity boots I have become obsessed with Hotter and I’ve been waiting for them to release their Spring/Summer 2017 collection so I can go on a spending spree!

It has taken me hours to look through the catalogue and decide on one pair of shoes I wanted because I loved so many of them; it always takes me by surprise when I am stuck for choice in Hotter because I used to perceive them as just for the older generation but they make so many on-trend fashionable shoes for my age group; here are a few that I love from the new range:

Hotter Shoes

After a long and hard decision I finally settled with the Hamlet because they ticked all of the boxes for me based on what I wanted in a summer shoe, I also like the fact that you can wear these with any outfit you want at anytime of the year too!

Hotter Shoes

I think these shoes are really fashionable as well as having Hotter’s special insole to make them extra comfy. These shoes are available in Black, Chocolate, Navy or Tan, I went for tan because they will go with most things that I wear and I have wanted a pair of tanned leather loafers for ages.

I wore these shoes out shopping one day last week and I visited a well known shoe brand to pick up some new school shoes for my brother, and the lady working in the shop commented on these shoes, saying how nice she thought they were, once I told her where they were from she was totally gobsmacked, she never knew Hotter offered fashionable shoes like this!

For £75 these shoes tick all of the boxes for me, as a student I wouldn’t normally buy a pair of shoes for anything more than £20 because a lot of shoes are bad quality and break after they have been warn a lot however I don’t mind splashing out on Hotter shoes once every couple of months because I know that they will last a lifetime as my feet have stopped growing and they are really good quality.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the first things that attracted me to these shoes was the fact that they are so versatile; you can wear them it absolutely anything. I have taken a couple of pictures to show you what I wear mine with!

Hotter Shoes

Because these shoes are real leather I would recommend that you break these in because if not you will end up like me with sore feet and blisters!- Not fun!!

You can pick your very own pair of Hotter shoes from here, trust me, once you have tried on one pair there is no going back! Have you seen anything from Hotter that you are loving for Spring and Summer? I can’t wait for the Autumn/Winter range to come out!

Disclaimer: I was sent the item in mention in return for an honest review. 

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