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When I think of Quiz Clothing, I think of big chunky gems on prom dresses, I was never able to find anything in store that I really liked whenever I went in, I just assumed it would be a shop that I would avoid. However when I got invited down to the Westfield Shop in London , I was really excited to see if they had anything in for summer that I really liked, and honestly I was amazed at what they were selling. There were no prom dresses with big chunky gems on them, just classy, fashionable clothes!

Whilst you are reading this, I am sunning myself up in Spain, so I wanted to pick something for that as well has having something that I can wear in England, which is why I went for Jeans and T-shirt so I’m not restricted to only wearing it on holiday or during the summer.

With this in mind I chose this outfit:

Quiz Summer Clothing

Yellow really suits me during the summer because I have olive skin so I tanned easily and it compliments my hair colour too, which is why I went for this really summery top because I have never owned this type of top before and I thought it was perfect for my holiday. I thought the fact that it was an off the shoulder top would really annoy me but it doesn’t, it’s actually really comfy.

I knew that I wanted a pair of jeans so that I could wear them all year around so I went for these really cute embroidered jeans because I thought they looked really summery but could also be worn in the winter too. Embroidered jeans are also really on trend at the minute and I’m a huge fan of them so I thought I would buy these because they aren’t as loud and out there as other embroidered style jeans that I have seen so I knew I would have to confidence to wear these. If you were to buy these I would just be aware of the size, I don’t know if Quiz Clothing have big sizes, but the ones I am wearing in the picture are a size 8 and are too big for me around the waist and that hardly ever happens! 

To finish my look off I went for these cute bow shoes because they looked really summery and it meant that I had another pair of shoes to wear on holiday with me..! They are really comfy however they are suede so maybe aren’t the best for English summers! 

I had a really good time at the event so I thought I would add some photos in for you too look at. As I mentioned earlier I was really impressed with the Quiz Clothing Occasional Dressesthey were so classy and sophisticated and I defiantly see myself buying some more clothes from Quiz. 

Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing

Disclaimer: I was sent the items in mention in return for an honest review.

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  1. Gabija says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time, gosh some of the clothes are to die for here!

    Gabija | everylittlethingblog.weebly.com

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