Essential Summer Shoes for 2016

This week I have decided to create my summer essentials blog posts. Today I am going to show you my go to essential summer shoes! I am a huge lover of shoes, maybe not as much as some people, but I recently have brought lots for the summer season. I have tried to leave links to the actual product, but if I can’t find the actual product I have left links to ones very similar in style and price.


Vionic Wedge shoes

These are quiet possibly the comfiest wedged/heeled shoe I have ever worn. Vionic are known for comfort technology that give you both support and comfort all day, These wedges have a cushioned heel and arch as well as enhanced forefoot contour to ensure that you have all day comfort, which is prefect if you want to look good and feel good too! Vionic were kind enough to send me these wedges for this blog post, and I have to admit before hand I thought they were more for ‘oldies’ if you know what I mean, but now I have found a style that I really like from them I will certainly look into buying some more shoes from them.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items in mention in return for an honest review. 

Strappy Sandals.

Clarks Sandles


I brought these last year for my holiday from Brantano and I’m really impressed with the quality. Even though they are sold in Brantano, they are made by Clarks, somewhere I wouldn’t normally look for sandals, or any type of shoe anymore because I don’t wear school shoes anymore, but these are really comfortable as well as being stylish! I wear these pretty much everywhere, even if we go on long walks, they are quite padded so I find that my feet don’t ache when I wear them. The only thing I will say is that I get awful square tan lines when I wear these!


Fabric Grey Traniers Essential summer shoes

I’ve been looking for something like these for ages. I love the look of trainers with jeans, but all of my trainers that I own are too trainery for jeans, if that makes any sense?! You can get Nike ones very similar to these for nearly double the price tag. I’m not a very materialistic person so this really doesn’t bother me and these are a great alternative if you don’t want to pay the price. However I’m not that impressed with these because the inside sole has come away after one day of wearing, something which is very annoying when your sock comes out sticky!

Ballet Shoes


Primark ballet shoes

I brought these years ago from Primark so I cannot find the link to these original ones, however I have found some that are very similar on the Primark website. When you are going away, Primark is probably one of the best stores to shop in for shoes because they are so cheap it won’t matter if you wreck them or if you only wear them for a summer and then you grow out of them by next year. Obviously you have to pick and choose the best quality shoes in there, but I have never had a problem with anything that I have brought. These are so comfy and I would recommend these if you want something quick and easy to slip on if you are going out in the evening.

Flip Flops

M&S flip Flops

I got these from M&S for free when you brought £35 worth of stuff so I can’t find a link to these exact pair. Flip Flops for me are essential summer shoes because they go with pretty much anything, they are so put on and off, and they are waterproof so I wear them if I go kayaking or walking in the sea because they protect your feet from the stones and pebbles.

Canvas Shoes

Soul Cal converse

These are one my favourite pairs of shoes I own. I love how you can wear these all year round. They go with pretty much any outfit too which is a massive bonus for me! They are a cheaper alternative to Vans, something again, I’m not that bothered about having. They are so comfy and have lasted me nearly 2 years. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a new pair if comfy fashionable pair of converses.

I hope you enjoyed reading my essential summer shoes post!

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  1. Dr. Martin says:

    I thought these were trainers that moved but clearly not my winter go to anyways

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