Dear Diary: Friday 17th March

Dear Diary,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, Thursday nights are so busy for me as I don’t finish Cricket until 9:30pm, so by the time I have got home it’s too late to write my diary post.

Today has been a really good day for me. It started off with the long bus journey to college in which I slept for the entire journey because I was so tired. On Friday’s I have training first thing which I love because we are normally in the gym and it’s relaxed so I can get away with not working too hard. After training I would normally have a lesson at 10:45 but my Lecturer is away playing for England Rugby Legends in the charity game against Ireland so my class mixed with the first years for their lesson at 11:15 and we played frisbee and football which was fun! I then had two Lectures where I learnt about Powerade and how to carry out a risk assessment. Did you know that Powerade is not recommend for anyone under the age of 16!

Laura gave me a lift home which was really helpful because it meant I could get myself organised and ready for my first ever driving lesson! I am actually so please with how it went, I comfortably changed from 1st-5th gear and had no problem with the pedals, one of the things that I need to work on is positioning in the road, I think because it was in the dark it was difficult to judge where the car was meant to be but I’m sure this will improve with more lessons!

I have work tomorrow at 9am, it’s not an early start but I still want to have an earlyish night.. Reece wants me to ring him after he gets back from work at 11, but I wanted to be showered and tucked up into bed before that so I will have to go!

Speak Tomorrow

Chloe x

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