Dear Diary: 15th March 2017

Dear Diary,

Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling better then yesterday so I decided to go to college, it also meant I could get a life home as my friend Laura was driving home at 3:30 so I wasn’t stuck until 6!

Reece had maths at 9 this morning, so I got to college at about 8:45, however I didn’t have a lesson until 11:15 so I brought a blanket and pillow from Reece’s house and had a nap in the car and watched Geordie Shore (I am currently re watching every series, I am on series 4 at the minute) until Reece’s lesson had finished. I finally managed to create all of my graphs for my assignment that is due in May during my lesson today. We basically had to create a questionnaire asking about the sports facilities at the college and then we had to draw up graphs from the data we had collected.. it’s so much fun.. 

I had another COOP meal deal lunch today but I thought I would mix it up a little so I went for a Egg and Crest sandwich with Melon, Kiwi and Strawberries as a snack and I had Juicy Water to drink. I only had one lesson today and then I had 3 and a half hours of training. I still wasn’t feeling 100% so I took things slow; I started off with drills and slow walk through of hurdle drills, then I did one quickish 200m and finished off a bit of Javelin before Laura picked me up. its a girl thing blogging I had a couple of parcels waiting for me when I got home tonight so I opened them; one was a pair of socks for a review and the other one was a parcel from The Works- I brought lots of scrapbook essentials. I don’t know about anyone else but as soon as I open anything I have to try it out, so I sat down and did some more bits to my scrapbook- I made envelopes from bits of paper for every month of the year so I can write down my favourite moments from each month.

That’s all I have really done tonight, I have had to drag myself away from scrapbooking to write this post! I am starting to feel really ill again so I am going to have a bath and get into bed and sleep.

Speak Tomorrow,

Chloe x

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